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  • Clear identification of project scope.

  • Identification of Roles and Responsibilities – RACI

  • Expectations and outcomes documented in writing before project commencement.

  • Project Plan with project resources and timelines, identifying who does what, and when.
  • Testing, training, change management and postproduction support plan.

  • Forecast cost savings using comparative analysis for like and kind technologies.

  • Long-term implementation and product support.
  • Enthusiastic to service your organization’s needs.

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Enterprise Mobility and Security is a powerful tool that enables IT managers to sleep at night. With company advocates pressing IT managers to figure out ways for employees to use mobile devices that are both company issued or a part of a company BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program it becomes very clear where this powerful tools niche is… protection. Enterprise Mobility & Security all for IT managers to quickly establish device management policies and device owners enrolled in BYOD the confidence of knowing that the IT employees do not have access to the personal data on their devices. In addition to balancing security, reporting, threat detection, and data privacy policy, the Enterprise Mobility and Security framework allows IT employees to configure and mange SSO (Single Sign On) and Azure Rights Management in a single environment. Azure Active Directory Single Sign On is a great way to eliminate the need for managing multiple passwords and across multiple devices. With Azure AD SSO management of employee logins and application access is all managed through your SSO policy. Azure AD enables IT managers to identify the type of secondary authentication required and establish password reset policies. There are several configurations available for secondary authentication method such as Windows Authenticator, Text Verification, Cryptographic key, and Advanced biometrics.

Check out the linked video from Microsoft that talks shows how the Azure AD SSO framework works and some of the awesome features that will help your organization rest at night. Our two favorite features are described at the 9:00-9:30 mark :-).

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