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  • Clear identification of project scope.

  • Identification of Roles and Responsibilities – RACI

  • Expectations and outcomes documented in writing before project commencement.

  • Project Plan with project resources and timelines, identifying who does what, and when.
  • Testing, training, change management and postproduction support plan.

  • Forecast cost savings using comparative analysis for like and kind technologies.

  • Long-term implementation and product support.
  • Enthusiastic to service your organization’s needs.

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Tired of managing passwords? Isn’t everyone at this point. How many times have you changed a password just to forget it 15 minutes later and well back to password reset right? Single Sign On is calling… stop managing passwords for each application you use and give it to the cloud. With Azure Single Sign On services and Office 365, you only need to remember one password to get access to all of the applications on your device. Azure Active Directory Single Sign On is available to businesses large and small and allows your organization to keep your passwords management On Premise while Authentication is managed in Cloud. No more need for complex federated set ups to enable SSO. See this great video from Microsoft that provides additional technical details around how Azure AD SSO works. Out two favorite features are described at the 9:00 mark :-). Out of the box Azure AD SSO is configured to detect and block brute force hacks. A brute force attack, is when you have would be intruders that try to guess the passwords for stolen email or user ids. They perform this task programmatically and can sometimes be successful since we still have co workers that use simple and recycled passwords (SMH). How important is that information you’re trying to keep out of the hands of would be criminals?

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