Enterprise Mobility and Security is a valuable tool that allows IT managers to ensure the safety of company-issued or BYOD mobile devices, providing peace of mind for company advocates. The primary focus of this tool is protection, and Intune offers IT employees the necessary resources to establish device management policies quickly, while giving device owners enrolled in BYOD programs confidence that their personal data is not accessible by IT employees. The Enterprise Mobility and Security framework also allows for the configuration and management of SSO and Azure Rights Management in a single environment, which balances security, reporting, threat detection, and data privacy policies. By implementing Azure Active Directory Single Sign On, the need for managing multiple passwords across multiple devices is eliminated, and employee logins and application access can be managed through an SSO policy. IT managers can also establish password reset policies and choose from several configurations for secondary authentication methods, such as Windows Authenticator, Text Verification, Cryptographic key, and Advanced biometrics.

To learn more about Azure AD SSO framework and its features, Microsoft provides a video that demonstrates how it works and highlights some of its best features, particularly from the 9:00-9:30 minute mark.

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