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  • Clear identification of project scope.

  • Identification of Roles and Responsibilities – RACI

  • Expectations and outcomes documented in writing before project commencement.

  • Project Plan with project resources and timelines, identifying who does what, and when.
  • Testing, training, change management and postproduction support plan.

  • Forecast cost savings using comparative analysis for like and kind technologies.

  • Long-term implementation and product support.
  • Enthusiastic to service your organization’s needs.

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G suite and Office 365 are comparable tools, however the real defining factor behind an organizations decision to leverage Microsoft is the ease of integrating to Microsoft products in a seamless environment. Office 365 provides organizations with the flexibility to deploy and manage productivity enhancement applications across multiple channels securely and cost effectively. With Office 365 your organization will always have the collaborative business tools needed to seamlessly and intuitively manage operations. Office 365 saves time, money, and resources; enabling team members to focus on customer experiences and idea socialization.

Challenges arise for organizations that leverage Google suite products for business, as Microsoft has almost 30 years of organizational adoption across industries. Artifacts generated using Google suite do not natively integrate into the Microsoft product ecosystems which can lead to compatibility issues when sharing G-Suite generated content. Benefits of Office 365 business tools are even more robust for subscriptions to Power Apps, Power Automate and Intune application and device management subscriptions.

Microsoft Office 365 has helped countless organizations save time and money with business tools that are designed to perform 24/7/365 regardless of whether you’re in the office or on the go. Reach out to speak with a Geekley migration specialist for an environment assessment and start saving today.

G- Suite is a business productivity platform that is similar to Office 365. While G Site offers similar feature offered in Office 365, when compared side by side organizations that require more robust solutions continually trust Microsoft Office 365 to provide the flexibility, security, and productivity tools organizations need to collaborate seamlessly across multiple channels.

G Suite Features:

  • Gmail – email
  • Google Calendar – calendar tool
  • Google Docs – cloud word documents
  • Google Sheets – cloud spreadsheets
  • Google Slides – cloud presentations
  • Google Drive – cloud storage for all your documents
  • Google Meet – video conferencing tool
  • Google Forms – survey tool
  • 30GB File storage/user
  • 30GB email storage
  • Cloud only
  • Online functionality only
  • 25 Participants/video call

Office 365 Features:

  • Email – Exchange/Outlook
  • Calendar – Exchange/Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • 1TB file storage/user
  • 50GB email storage
  • Address Book Policy
  • Global Address List
  • Local, Hybrid, and Cloud
  • Online and offline capability
  • Yammer Social Networking, Power Apps and Power Automate for Enterprise subscriptions
  • 250 Participants/video call